Friday, July 29, 2016

Beach love

Hi guys,
Boy, did I burned myself today. I have this stupid habit of staying way too much in the sun and the night after I won't be getting much sleep. So cross your fingers for me tonight LOL ! 
Anyways, before my painful tragedy, I'd love to share with you a new look ! Since I'm spending these days at the beach, I thought a beach look would be more than appropriate. I'm totally crushing on this tunic dress from Poppy Lovers which can be worn as a daily dress as well, but I chose to wear it as a beach dress, finding that the lower part is a bit too transparent for the city without a pair of short, of course.

What I wore:
- Ken Shoes slides 
- Bershka crossbody bag

Thank you for checking out the look, guys!
Hope you'll stay tuned tomorrow for a brand new outfit post :)

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  1. That outfit is amaaaaazing. So sorry to hear that you got burned though! Sometimes it is so much fun being out in the sunshine...that we forget how it can hurt!


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