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No Frauds

Hi sweeties, A new day is upon us and although it's very cloudy and even might be rainy outside, I'm happy to bring you a new outfit post that I shot on Monday. (I'll be probably going shopping today, so I woke up early this time). :) The outfit for today is rather a casual one and I must admit that you can even wear a jacket on top, but I thought that the blouse was too pretty to cover. All the outfit deets are below, as usual.

What I wore: - Chicwish shirt - Zaful trousers - Sacha Shoes t-strap heels - Rebecca Minkoff clutch - SammyDress earrings

So, how do you like the look? Would it be something you'd wear ? Tomorrow I'll be back with a special Vday look, so stay tuned !! :)


Hi guys, Hope you are all having a lovely week. As you probably saw on Instagram, mine has started perfectly with a trip to Spa ! I'm staying at Silva Hotel Balmoral and I can only say that it's fantastic :). Meanwhile, I'm also back with my usual OOTD post that I know you've been waiting for ! This time I'm proposing something in between elegant and street style.

What I wore: - SammyDress sweater - SammyDress skirt - Sam Edelman booties - SammyDress bag - SammyDress earrings
So, what do you think about this fine look? I guess you can find a lot of nice pieces at the SammyDress website that are affordable and not to mention, beautiful.
Come back tomorrow for a brand new Outfit Of The Day post :)
Kisses, R.

When in doubt

Hi sweeties, I'm having such a super busy day and yesterday I wanted to take some time off and do other things that I like. For instance, I haven't painted since forever and I really wanted to have a lovely evening doing that. I totally recommend going to Art'n'Joy  where you can have a lovely time meeting new people, having a drink and of course, expressing yourself through your brush :). I only wish it can last longer. Anyway, I'm back with a brand new outfit of the day post that I'm positive you'll love ! 

What I wore: - Chicwish dress - Come to Milan cardigan coat  - Chanel shoes  (vintage)  - JollyChic bag
I must go now... hope you like the outfit, sweeties!! :) Kisses, R.

Hawa Hawa

Hello sweeties, How did your weekend start? Gosh, I cannot remember the last time when I went out to a club or something... it's true what they say about getting old; you don't feel like going out like before. But still, I will def have to go out soon... Anyway, I'm back with a new OOTD post for you... I'm still staying on the green vibe today, so here's a totally 100% street style post lol.

What I wore: - DressLily hooded sweatshirt  - Zara skirt - Jeffrey Campbell boots  - Zara backpack  - Versace Medusa Geometric sunglasses 

So, how do you find this look? Would it be something you'd wear ? I hope to be back tomorrow with a brand new OOTD ! 
Kisses, R.


Hello sweeties, Thank you for all your lovely messages and reactions the other day. Indeed, not fitting in after almost 9 years of Belgium is a problem. And as the say goes, "I'm not a tree, I can move if I want to", I'll be def planning to move in a couple of years. As for the whole situation, I won't let things fall like this... some of you who reacted to my post are also in the same pot, bloggers who are marginalized by the system so I'm sure we'll do something about that soon. In another fashionable sense, I'm back with today's outfit post. It's something I've managed to put together quite fast and I was super charmed by the idea of adding a feather to my Sterkowski hat. I actually cut it from an "indian" head accessory that I have from River Island since forever.

What I wore: - Zaful sweater - Zara shirt underneath  - Pinko booties ( similar here )  - W.E. jacket - Vasic Collection clutch - Sterkowski hat
So how about it? Do yo…

Forever gone

Hey sweeties, I didn't had such a good day yesterday ... I feel more and more marginalized by the way how things work around here. With the Belgian system being so defective and full of narrow minded people ( not all of course), I find myself in the situation of thinking that a change of country would be the best for me. Don't get me wrong, Brussels (and other cities) have their charm and I really love the arty part, the cute cafés and restaurants, some lovely people. But the dark part of actually living here like discrimination and the system itself is not for me anymore I think. For instance, I felt so much more appreciated by other countries, like the US, England, Holland, Russia or Poland that I feel like these are the type of places that I must live in. I'll be starting to search for a new beginning cause I feel like I need it. It won't be tomorrow or this year...maybe not even next year, but the plan is on :). Anyway, enough drama and let's get back to my ou…